What's hot now: Heart shaped jewellery

What's hot now: Heart shaped jewellery

Heart jewellery is in trends and is gaining more and more popularity due to the powerful symbolism and beautiful shape and design. We invite you to find out more about the heart-shaped jewellery.

Heart symbol meaning

The heart symbol is used for thousands of years, has an interesting history. You should know that around 3000BCE, various heart-shaped leaves, such as the fig's or ivy's ones, were used for decorating the pot and meant fertility and loyalty. But back then, the heart didn't say love. This modern approach started in France and soon has spread around the world. During the 15th and 16th centuries, heart-shaped jewellery becomes a powerful symbol of romance and begins to grow in popularity. Nowadays, the heart is a symbol recognized worldwide, meaning love, charity, compassion. This symbol resembles the human heart, at a certain angle. But also, DaVinci and Aristotle simplified the center of the human body, simulating the female form. This approach gives this symbol new characteristics, such as sensuality and passion. Of course, the symbolism of the heart goes to more in-depth concepts.

It is a complex symbol that allows every chamber of the heart to hold a specific trait: creative spirit, the foundation of creation, the true intention, and the dreams. Or, as Charlotte Bronte stated: ' The human heart has hidden treasures, in secret kept, in silence sealed; The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasure, Whose charms were broken if revealed.' This poetic way of expressing the heart symbolism is profound and reveals the sentimental parts of this unique organ. Heart symbolism is sturdy and is associated with different positive things, but the most common one is the one associated with romance.

Why people like heart-shaped jewellery?

People love the heart-shaped jewellery because of the powerful symbolism that comes within that unique piece of jewellery. It is a symbol of romance that is popular for decades. We can remember a particular story when King Eduard VIII offered to his loved one a heart charm made by Cartier. The jewellery opened to reveal the inscription: 'The heart has its reasons.' Their story is famous, and the king abdicated the throne to be able to be with this woman, so this is a starting point for the popularity of heart-shaped jewellery and the powerful statement it brings to couples that are genuinely in love. In time, the design changed and became more complex, with every century that passed away.

In 1800 heart-shaped lockets were very popular; people being able to keep the memory of a loved one near. Then, the engagement rings heart-shaped becomes very popular. Every decade brings with it new heart-shaped jewellery that conquers the people's hearts. The heart jewellery is the best love statement you can offer to your loved one, that resists in time and tells your romance story. It is a beautiful way of expressing the feelings you have for your loved one, making her feel special and loved. Heart jewellery is a valued and long-term gift that is popular due to its unique and beautiful symbolism.

About heart pendants and lockers

The heart pendants and lockers are not just a piece of jewellery, but they express love and cherish. They come in various ranges and are made with several precious metals, such as silver, and gold, decorated with shiny crystals or engraved with a special note that says something about your love story. They are a popular gift; they can be worn on different occasions, letting the loved one remember you every single time she will wear that piece of jewellery.

Heart pendants and lockers have a great history and were worn as symbols of love worldwide. We cannot forget the love story between King Eduard VIII, who offered his loved one precious heart charm before abdicating the throne to be able to pursue their love story. Or the iconic heart pendant that was worn by the actress Kate Winslet in the ultimate love story movie, Titanic. The heart-shaped pendants and lockers are a reminder of your romance, telling the beautiful story you live. You can offer your partner a beautiful heart pendant decorated with a blue sapphire, to remind you of the powerful love from Titanic or, you can choose a personal locker in which to add your picture. It will be a meaningful gift that will not go unnoticed.

About heart earrings

Heart earrings are a perfect gift for her, helping you to express the deep feeling you have and symbolizes your own love story. You can find them in a wide range, made with gold or silver, decorated with colorful or translucid gemstones. The heart earrings make an excellent gift for any occasion, not just Valentine's day. Women love earrings, and they never have enough. The heart-shaped earrings are a great gift that represents love but doesn't come with a powerful commitment, such as the engagement ring. You can discreetly show your lover what you feel about her, by choosing the perfect pair of heart-shaped earrings. If you want to make even a powerful statement, you can choose a pair that is decorated with red gems; it is the ultimate jewellery for your girlfriend.

About heart rings

The heart rings occupy a special place in history. In 1562, Mary Queen of Scots sent a heart-shaped ring to Queen Elizabeth, to express her love for her cousin. In that period it was a courtesy gesture among aristocrats to send heart rings to the ones they love. Nowadays, they are a powerful symbol for couples in love and not just for engagement, but also for Valentine's day or anniversaries. A heart ring will make a clear statement about the feelings you have for her and help you to celebrate properly special occasions. It symbolizes love, affection and the circle form of the ring will complete the meaning, symbolizing infinity. If you want to offer your partner a gift that transmits so many positive feelings, the strong symbol of infinite love, then the heart-shaped ring is the best choice you can make. This love jewellery is extremely meaningful and will be highly appreciated.

When it comes to love jewellery, you must choose a heart-shaped piece, that is precious and has the power of transmitting love, affection, and devotion. From centuries the heart is the undeniable symbol of romance and will remain for centuries. You will find a fantastic range of jewellery that will make your lover heart beat faster and cherish you even more. Show your love with a piece of exceptional jewellery, that will surprise your partner and make her feel unique and special.