Best Engagement Ideas for Summer 2020

Best Engagement Ideas for Summer 2020

All of us want to make our marriage proposal unique and romantic. Perhaps, you want to be original, and want your partner to say yes. But how to do that? We put together ten best marriage proposal ideas that will make this moment special. But remember, you need to put all the specific details of your relationship into your proposal to make it unique.

1. Create A Milestone Film

Today, it is not a problem to create a video. You don't need professional equipment or software, and you can even use your smartphone for that. So you can use one of the tons of video proposal ideas to create your own one and show it before the proposal. Remember all those places that are meaningful to your couple and record videos there. Go to the restaurant where you meet her or your favorite park where you spend weekends. You may explain why those places are so unique to you. When the video is ready, show it before her favorite TV show, during your family dinner, or ask your local movie theater to show this video. And she will always remember this day.

2. A Love Story

There is a story of love with its mystery and beauty in almost every city. Most often, it is also associated with some specific place, like a bench in the park. Take your partner for a walk and tell her this story. And when you are at that place of love, propose to her. Your girlfriend will remember it for the rest of her life, as girls adore love stories. But make sure to learn everything about this story so as not to spoil it by anything. There is only one chance to tell it.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Summer is an excellent time for extraordinary and unique marriage proposals. Of course, flowers are quite romantic and gentle, but if your partner is an adventurous person, you need to find a non-standard approach. The best idea will be renting a hot air balloon, or even going to the balloon festival! Let her feel herself a Disney princess. Choose one of the marquise engagement rings with a beautiful diamond. And when you are in the sky, take the ring out and pop the question. The answer will be yes!

4. Take a Hike to the Top

Both of you like conquering the mountains? By planning a proposal for your next hiking trip, you can make this moment much more memorable. It is not as glamorous as the proposal in the restaurant, but the blend of endorphins and striking scenery can make your experience unique.

5. Bake a Cake

Everyone has seen this in the movies. You may surprise your partner by baking her a cake or some muffins and putting the ring in one of them. It will be better to choose one of the tiny engagement rings, as they are easier to hide inside the cake. This marriage proposal idea may sound quite trite. Nevertheless, if you never used to bake something by yourself, your future spouse will really appreciate it.

6. A Date At A Restaurant

A date at a restaurant is a traditional and successful way to propose to your girlfriend. However, you should choose some luxury place and give her a ring in a comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, you may choose an establishment with live music and ask them to play your special song. Order some delicious dishes, and do it! To propose in a restaurant, you may choose one of the oval engagement rings with big diamonds. And your partner will shine brighter than it!

7. Play it out in a Photo Album

If you are looking for a more private proposal idea, you can do it at home. Put together a photo album of all those special moments caught on camera. But leave the last page blank. It will be a space for your most important photo, labeled "Our Engagement." Ask somebody to capture the moment when your girlfriend opens that page, and you are getting down on one knee to propose. It will be the most romantic moment of her life!

8. Photo Shoot For Two

Another way to propose is inviting your partner for a romantic shooting in a professional studio or to a beautiful location for the photo shoot. But make sure she does not suspect anything! Get down on one knee when taking a photo and propose to her. And the best thing in this marriage proposal idea is that an experienced photographer will capture her emotions! So you will get great photos of your engagement.

But do not forget to tell the photographer that you are going to propose to your girlfriend. So he will be ready to catch this memorable moment.

9. Love poem

If you both like books and literature, writing a love poem would be a great option for you. Write a short love story or poem that ends in asking for your girlfriend's hand in marriage. Do not let her suspect anything, so be patient and wait until she gets to the end part! If you are not a good writer, do not worry. Make a heart-shaped hole in one of her old books and put the ring inside. Ask your partner to read the needed page from this book. She will be stunned when she finds out!

10. Proposing At The Beach

Summer is the perfect time for beach proposals. If you and your girlfriend are fans of the ocean, there is no better place for the proposal than a beach. You can tell her that there is a beach competition for the best sand art. But she and you need to create your own drawings. While she is drawing some funny sand pictures, use your time to write out the marriage proposal. And ask her to look at your creation - she will be really surprised!


If you want to make your marriage proposal unique, but you are out of ideas, this list is for you. And remember to do it with love, so the answer would be Yes!