How to Plan Marriage Proposal: Flash Mob Proposal

How to Plan Marriage Proposal: Flash Mob Proposal

Make your significant cry with happy tears by preparing a marriage proposal. There are many ways on how to do it but if you are looking for the best way, flash mob proposal it is! This is a kind of proposal that includes people who are closed to you. You need a backup for the dance to make this event more creative and memorable. The proposal usually starts with a normal set up, people in the venue talking to each other like they have their own world and then when the music starts, you will all come together to dance for your significant other. Wondering how to plan it? Here's what you need to do.

1. Look for a venue

Your proposal wouldn't be complete without a good venue. This can be a restaurant, your house, your backyard, a cruise ship, a convention room, name it. Remember that you need a large space so your crew can fit together. Don't forget about the dance floor which is going to be your main spot during the flashmob.

2. Find your crew

It's time to find the people who will compose your dance crew. As early as now, talk to your friends and relatives so you can plan the time and schedule of the event. This is an essential process because, without them, there won't be a flash mob. You need to gather a group that will support you from start to end of the event. By talking to them, you can seek for ideas on how to set up the place--do you need beers and wines? do you need tables? do you need to prepare food? All of these are needed to make everything look normal at first.

3. Hire someone to arrange the event

Next, you need someone to arrange the event from the entrance of the dance crew to the actual proposal. Having someone to manage the proposal for you is less hassle than doing it yourself. You can tell him what you want to happen during the proposal, how many people are involved, how do you want to propose, and so on. This is where your planning should start. With a professional who can arrange everything for you, your event will likely succeed.

4. Schedule the proposal

The schedule is very important. You need to come up with time and date at this time so you can tell your dance crew and your manager about it. It's also one way to make sure if you and your significant other are free during the time you set. If you have a preferred date, for instance, your anniversary, you can choose that day.

5. Choose a good music

Finally, choose good music. You don't need to stick to one song. A lot of people mix songs together for a good choreography. You can choose a favorite song of your significant other and combine it with other upbeat and sweet music to give life to the flash mob.

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