7 Reasons to Love Hoop Earrings

7 Reasons to Love Hoop Earrings

After doing makeup, the second thing a woman does is choosing a piece of jewellery to go with her outfit. No matter her age or what she does, earrings are a favourit accessory for many women. There are many styles one can choose from, but one of the most popular is hoop earrings. And if you don’t have them, its time you update your jewellery collection. Here are 5 best ways to update your jewellery collection.

Hoop earrings are classics and have been a staple for women of different ages. Since the 60's to 90's and now we are in 2018, these earrings are always relevant and have never gone out of fashion. The main reason behind this is that they are comfortable to wear and go with almost any outfit. Perfect hoop earrings can make your face, and the best thing is that they are always trendy.

1. They Give Your Face the Edge to Look Right

Hoops act as a statement earrings and can draw people’s eyes to your face. And the best thing with hoops, unlike other statement earrings such as chandelier, they are circular and thus will add an extra complimentary to your cheekbones and jaw. This helps define your facial features more prominently.

Therefore, the next time you want to draw attention to your face, wear a hoop earring instead of messing up with contouring powder. It will help to frame your face quicker and easier without applying too much makeup. And a tip on how to wear hoop earrings; the bigger the pair of hoop earrings, the better.

2. They Are Cheap and Cheerful

These earrings never compete in terms of price. You can be wearing a pair of hoop earrings that you bought at £10, and you will still look as great as someone with a £25 hoop earrings. You can be wearing a small pair of hoop earrings, and you will still look as good as someone with an earring that has a large circular hoop. There is no rule of thumb on how to wear hoop earring; there is nothing as too big or too small. It is up to you to wear what you feel confident and comfortable in.

hoop earrings

3. They Never Go Out of Style

There is a good reason why hoop earrings are classic and trendy at the same time: They have never gone out of style. They are like a white button-down or black sunglasses; they are a crucial accessory to any jewellery collection. They go with almost any style; they can be dressed down or up, but they are perfect for coffee dates or night outs. And one good thing about them is that it is very hard to get wrong; they look great with almost any outfit. From jeans and t-shirt to long dresses, virtually any outfit will go with this pair of earring.

4. They Are a Favourite For Most Bloggers and Fashion Enthusiasts

Virtually all women look up to fashion bloggers and celebrities for style inspiration. Fashion blogs might not be as popular as before, but they are still influential thanks to the advice, inspiration, and insight they offer on emerging fashion styles and trends. If you follow closely, you will see that a significant number of fashion bloggers and celebrities embrace hoop earrings and rock in them. Don’t they look flawless with hoops? And who wouldn’t like to be flawless?

5. They Are Available In Different Designs

In the 90’s, hoops had a thin metal and had a perfect circular shape. Today, brands and designers have become innovative and have added extra embellishments as well as accessories to revolutionize them, all while retaining their unique, classic shape. You can get a hoop earring featuring a faux pearl on each hoop while others feature twists, rhinestones, and even chains. In the current market, there is a style for everyone.

6. They Come In Different Sizes

Of course, it can be hard to pull off a hoop as large as that of Khloe Kardashian, but it is good to know that you can get hoop earrings of any size. From tiny hoops with a ring size of your pinky finger to a hood that could fit in one of your legs, you can get a size that you prefers. However, you don't have to go for super large hoops; you should wear a hoop that you feel comfortable in.

7. They are not going anywhere

They were there in 90's, and we are in 2018, and they are bigger and shinier than before. Other styles come and go, but hoop truly lives on. If you don’t want to keep updating your jewellery collection, then getting a couple of pairs of hoop earrings is the best thing.