5 Best Ways to Update Your Jewellery Collection

5 Best Ways to Update Your Jewellery Collection

Most of the times, we have to let go to create space for new and better things. Whether it is letting go of that childhood dream of being a pilot or letting that old blanket to make it a rag, sometimes letting go brings relief. However, letting go items that you bought as an adult is quite challenging, and jewellery pieces are no exception.

It is important to let go of those jewellery pieces that you rarely wear or no longer wear because you are distracting yourself from happiness and preventing yourself from moving on to better, trendy pieces of jewellery. Although it might be hard to let go, we a couple of creative ways to update your jewellery collection.

Start by identifying the pieces of jewellery you haven't worn for a long time. Although there are exceptions, such as pieces of jewellery that reminds you of a place or a person or those with sentimental value, you need to update your jewellery collection by removing those pieces you no longer wear and replacing them with newer pieces that match your outlook.

Update Your Collection With Newer Jewellery Trends For That Season

Do you like keeping up with trends? Well, this is a good thing since you will be updating your jewellery collection now and then.

Some of the current collections you can update your collection with include;

- Big, bold earrings. These are great for summer seasons and will go with that ponytail hair that most people normally rock during summer. The most popular options are Boho-style earrings, classic stud earrings with a metal coating, or earrings with multiple colours.
- Bracelets. These are great for summer period too because people like showing most of their skin during summer. Have thin bracelets to go with bulky clothing styles. You can wear them with your watch to - make it stand out more.
- Multi-colour jewellery. These are trendy, and the main reason they are trending is because they are all about breaking fashion rules. Update your collection by having a contrasting pair of earrings or bold, multi-coloured bracelet.
- Layered accessories. Most women are now wearing rings stacked with a bracelet, or a chocker layered with necklaces. You have to be creative with this jewellery trend in terms of outfit you pair it with, but it's really a head turner.

However, you don’t need to keep up with every trend brought by fashion magazines. Consider if the design is just a short-term fad, or you will be comfortable to rock it in the future.

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Accessorise For Your New Outlook

Outfit keeps changing, and it makes sense to change your jewellery pieces to match your outfit.

For instance, when you change the colour of your outfit, it is good to have jewellery pieces that go with your new clothes. When wearing white, black, or other neutral colours, accessorising with any colour looks coordinated and stylish. However, when you are wearing colourful outfits, ensure your accessories don’t clash. This goes back to the basics of colour matching. Primary colours, of course, are blue, yellow, and red. Secondary colours result from mixing two primary colours. When matching primary and secondary colours, make sure they have the same level of darkness or lightness. For people who want to make a big statement, contrast primary and secondary colours. Experiment to find which colour combination works best for you. Of course, your jewellery collection should suit your current outfits.

You also need to consider the scale of your fashion accessories. Wear simple accessories if you have a patterned outfit. Wearing accessories that are too busy will not look good with your outstanding outfit. If you have a great outfit that you want to showcase, wear understated accessories. In terms of style, here are common accessories for different outfits;

- Classics outfits- wear diamond-stud or pearl earrings
- Glamorous outfits- wear a chandelier earring
- Playful outfits- chunky jewellery will compliment your outfit.
- Workday outfit- wear a classic watch and delicate necklace
- Casual outfit- a candy-coloured watch or bracelet will suit this outfit

The point here is that you need to match your new outfit with new jewellery to have a collection that suits your current personal style and occasion. When buying your new accessories to go with your new outfits, you can use our guide on 8 Ways to Save Money Buying Jewellery.

Keeping Or Disposing of Jewelleries That Reminds You of a Past Event, Someone, Or a Place You Have Been

Perhaps you enjoy the memories of a specific period of your life that you would like to keep or you hate the memories, and you would rather wipe them from your mind. Regardless of the memory, the chances are that you no longer wear the accessory. If this is the case, it is time to keep it aside or place it in another storage. De-cluttering your main jewellery box will create a new room for new pieces of trendy jewellery such as an initial pendant.

Once you have identified the pieces that you rarely use or no longer wear, it is time to replace them with other better accessories that match your personal style or current outfit. For instance, if you no longer wear earrings that you once cherished because it is outdated, then start shopping for a new pair of earrings. Start by exploring your options. Perhaps silver earrings or gemstone earrings will suit your style.

Invest In a Statement Jewellery

If you don't have an essential piece of jewellery, then you need to have one. Invest in 3-5 statement pieces of jewellery such as slave bangles, stud earrings, pearl items, or a good watch. Quality and versatility are the hallmarks of statement jewellery. Update your jewellery collection by investing in a piece that will stand out when you rock your denim outfit or that little white dress.

Ensure to Have Classic Jewellery

Classic pieces of jewellery never go out of fashion. Consider updating your collection with timeless fashion accessories like diamonds rings, charm pendants, silver earrings, or gemstone earrings; these accessories could be worn at any time without looking outdated. Ensure to go with simple, elegant pieces that will stand the test of time. This will enable you use same jewellery for different events while keeping your look fresh.

Bottom Line

After updating your jewellery collection, make sure you organise them creatively in jewellery boxes, hangers, and other storage units, so you know where to find them easily