Bracelets Buying Guide

Bracelets Buying Guide

Without any trace of doubt, bracelets have always been one of the most popular types of jewellery. They have been used by both men and women throughout historic ages to accessorize or even to show a high social status. You probably know already how cool and stylish they can be. Yet if you want to know some more about these wonderful accessories, check out our bracelet buying guide.

Bracelets types

Now the variety of bracelets is more generous than it has even been. No matter how picky you might be, there are huge amounts of jewellery items to choose from. Let's see which are the main bracelet types.


The chain bracelet is made only out of metal. It features various sizes of links, ranging from very small ones created to connect a solid bracelet to big and heavier ones that are open and create a good playground if you would like to attach a few charms later on. The most emblematic ones have to be gold bracelets with very small links interconnected to each other and tied through a discreet clasp.

Precious Stone

precious stone braceletThere is no other kind of bracelet more refined than the one made of precious stones. You can let your imagination run free. Emeralds, sapphires and rubies rank highest for bracelets meant to be worn during events, parties or special occasions. You can have colourful, transparent or opaque bracelets that revive, complete or tone down the boldness of the overall look.
When you want something sparkling, but your budget doesn't allow to splurge a lot, cubic zirconia is a marvelous choice that will keep the standards high while lowering the budget significantly.
If you don't want to settle for anything else than the best, go for the timeless and undoubtedly exquisite diamonds. No clue what to get exactly as you just love the idea of wearing diamonds but don't have enough information about them? Just have a look at the 4Cs Diamond Buying Guide. It will help you be a proud owner of high-quality diamond jewellery.


pearl braceletsWhen we're thinking about pearls, the word 'elegance' immediately comes to mind. Few things can get close to defining elegance so nicely as pearls do. They also represent eternity and can give glamour to any outfit. Even the most rebellious ladies, used to rather non-conventional looks can get lured by the unique beauty of the pearl bracelets. Worn in a single fine layer or in multiple ones if you want to multiply the effect, they are always in style.


Bangle bracelets are sturdy and inflexible pieces. They mostly come in form of silver bracelets, yet gold is sometimes preferred as well. After all, going for gold is always a great idea.


charm braceletThe popularity of the charm bracelet really skyrocketed throughout the past few years. The addition of various cute or classy charms adds a touch of femininity to any appearance. They are great for everyday use as they are practical and can fit pretty much any occasion.

Tennis Bracelet

tennis braceletUsually this kind of bracelets consists of metals and precious gemstones. They are pretty thin, yet flexible. The tennis bracelets are really comfortable to wear, which makes them a favorite for individuals who are looking for a smooth combination between comfort and elegance. They are often represented by silver bracelets.

Sizes Guide

You can find unisex bracelets, which can be worn without any aesthetic or practical inconvenience by both men and women. Those are great if you like practical jewellery that doesn't stand out too much.
Do you want a pretty tight bracelet or one that is rather loose? Whether you go for classic gold bracelets or modern ones made of other materials, just make sure it's neither too tight as it will be uncomfortable, nor too loose as you might end up losing it quickly. Start by measuring your wrist.

Women’s Bracelet Sizes

The standard one is 7 inches (17.8 cm), while the range is between 5 and 10 inches (approximately 13 - 25 cm).

Men’s Bracelet Sizes

Men's most common bracelets have around 8" (20.32 cm). The typical size dimensions are between 7.5 and 11 inches (19 – 27 cm).

Bracelet Features

Each bracelet has its own design. Gold bracelets usually go for classier patterns, while silver ones are more to the non-conventional side.

Choosing right metal for bracelet

There is no right or wrong metal. However, some might be more appropriate for your budget or for the occasion. On one hand, platinum and white or yellow gold are ideal when money isn't an issue. On the other hand, there is silver, which is always a nice and incredibly versatile option.
When you're looking for a gift and not for just an accessory, you might want to look at the higher end of the offer. Our metal buying guide will come in handy if you want to learn all the key things about the common metals used in jewellery creation.

Bracelet clasps

There are a few key bracelet clasps types. However, they don't only work as functional components meant to prevent the bracelet from falling off. Some of them certainly do so much more than connecting the two ends of a bracelet as they have an aesthetic function.
Clasps are often tiny parts where the master jewelers expressed their creativity as well. Apart from being part of the bracelet's overall design, they can even enhance the appeal of the item.
Along with security, there might come the difficulty to open or close the clasp. Some of them can't be handled on your own and having someone to close or open the bracelet for you will be useful. This usually applies to very expensive bracelets such as precious stones ones. No one wants to lose a diamond bracelet.
The spring ring is the most frequently used clasp. It features a little lever that slides a circular ring. You insert the loop and get the spring ring in the closed position. The inside spring puts pressure and keeps the spring ring shut until you want to open it.
The magnetic clasp closes in a snap with a magnet. The lobster claw includes an arm that stays closed until you push the lever. The box clasp opens when you push the outside lever and it slides out of the little box. It clicks back into place easily.
Bracelet types are diverse. So don't hesitate to browse and discover spectacular designs of gold, platinum or silver bracelets that you have probably never thought of.
It's a joy to explore the world of jewellery. Bracelets certainly offer you a diverse shopping experience that will not only delight you with the options, but also beautify and refine your appearance!