Necklace & Pendants Buying Guide

Necklace & Pendants Buying Guide

The pendant is the jewellery item that one usually adds to a necklace. Sometimes pendants can be worn with earrings and bracelets as well. Yet then they are always much smaller in size and they get attached to them through hooks or tiny fasterners. When it comes to bracelets, pendants are often referred to as charms.

This jewellery pieces are either used for decoration purposes or they have a special meaning to the owner. The ornamental ones can feature pretty much any type of design, while the meaningful ones typically stick to religious symbols, love or several others that signify something universally, locally or for the owner.

Types of pendant

Pendants get classified according to the material they are made of. As a general rule, always make sure that you go for high-quality materials. Apart from looking tacky, very cheap ones could trigger allergic reactions or stain the skin.

These are the key types of pendant used in modern jewellery:

Precious Stone

precious stone pendantsWhen it comes to precious stones, pendants can consist of a single spectacular one that can grab all the attention. This happens all the time for the diamond necklace. Of course, who doesn't want to display a wonderful gem? If you want to know exactly what type of diamond to get for your pendant, don't forget to check out the 4 Cs Diamond Buying Guide.

Other gems like emeralds, sapphires or cubic zirconia are often picked to form pendants. Colourful ones usually serve as focal points and are surrounded by tiny sparkling ones that emphasize their beauty.

Pearl Pendant

pearl pendantsThe pearl is undoubtedly the definition of grace. It enchants women of all ages so much that it doesn't need too much additional ornament. The pearl pendant works like a charm with a gold necklace.

Metal pendants

metal pendantsMetal pendants are by far the most versatile ones. The sky is the limit when it comes to these little jewellery treasures. From simple to exquisite, from classic to rebel rock'n'roll, there is no way to restrict creativity here as the options are incredibly generous.

Gold pendants are very popular, especially when it comes to ladies who prefer classic fashion and timeless designs. Silver is preferred by women who like to experiment with various styles and have as many pendants as possible. Not sure what type of metal to pick? Have a look at the metal buying guide to be an informed customer.

Choose the right chain length

When you're buying a chain or you're interested in wearing a pendant, make sure you choose the right chain length. This is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but from a practical one as well.

First of all, not all chains are suitable for all types of outfits. Some styles work better than others. The good ones flatter your figure nicely, while the others can rather pose disadvantages and tone down your great appearance.

Secondly, there are people who just don't feel comfortable wearing certain types of chains. For example, short ones might give some the feeling that they are too close to the neckline, while others feel uneasy wearing long chain or multi-layered ones as they think it won't allow them to move properly without breaking them.

For Men

No chokers or ropes here as the best necklace lengths for men should be about 18-24 inches long (45 – 60 cm). So close to the collarbone. It's best to go below your neck or close to your breastbone but not longer than that.

For Women

Women can go for any length from choker to ropes. Other lengths like opera, matinee or princess are alright too.

Still, the most commonly encountered ones are over the collarbone or below the neck.

Best type of chain for pendants

If you don't want to pick randomly anymore, our necklace buying guide will definitely help in finding the right match. Knowing a bit about metals, combinations and lengths can go a long way to improve your appearance.

There are quite many types of necklace chains. So how to choose the best one for pendants?

At the end of the day, it's all a matter of preference. Yet it's recommended to keep in mind a few simple guidelines. The most important one would be to stick to the necklace's material and not to mix shades.

This means that you should get silver pendants if you have a silver necklace and golden ones if you go for the sweet honey shade of gold necklaces.

Though we usually encounter one single pendant with a necklace, complex designs can feature multiple ones. This particularly applies to long or rope necklaces, which can integrate many pendants that either work together as a whole to create the design or function individually for fashion purposes.

The most common types of necklaces that use pendants are the ones that stay over the collarbone (also known as princess ones) and the chokers. Despite their reduced size, chokers often feature several pendants.


belchar or rolo chain type

There is no good pendants buying guide without talking about a key type of necklace: the belcher. Everyone knows how it looks like but few know its actual name. The belcher or rolo chain is the over that's comprised of interlocking links with an oval shape.

This one works great for charms or rather unconventional pendants. Unless you go for a very fine one with tiny links, the belcher has that edgy finish that combines best with out-of-the-ordinary pendants. Still, tiny links do make great alternatives for precious stones so don't hesitate to use a belcher for your classier gold pendants as well.


bead or ball chain type

A favourite among fashion lovers, the ball bed is the chain made of little metal beads. If you look for maximum comfort, this one is for you.

It is suitable for stylish silver pendants and a less popular choice for more sophisticated ones like gems or pearls.


curb chain type

The curb chain has heavy flat links. Their advantage is that they reflect the light beautifully, which will enhance the pendant's appearance. This makes them ideal if you don't want your pendant to go unnoticed.

Curb chains can have various sizes, which means you should go for adequate pendants. Those with large links mix wonderfully with masculine pendants, while feminine ones are the best type of chains for precious gemstones. The gold necklace with the curb style is ideal here for pretty much any dazzling pendant.