Earrings Buying Guide

Earrings Buying Guide

Types of earrings

There are many different types of earrings out there so it's impossible to ever run out of ideas. Earrings get classified according to the materials used to create them and according to their size. The most beloved ones are made of metal such as silver, gold or platinum and precious gemstones like diamonds, cubic zirconia, rubies or sapphires. If you have a look at the history of jewellery, it's easy to notice that people have always loved to adorn their bodies.

These are the key types of earrings nowadays:


stud earringsThey are the most discreet ones. Stud earrings are very comfortable to wear because you never risk getting them tangled in clothing items or hair. Thanks to the structure, they also securely close, which means that the chances to lose them are reduced to a minimum possible.

The stud earring is a dot of sparkle to add a feminine touch without being too noticeable. Small and simple, they are appropriate for every occasion as they allow you to wear them regardless of event or outfit.

If you want to be as elegant as possible, go for pearl earrings. There is no other one that can match their eternal amazing style.


hoop earringsMost hoop earrings feature one single circular ring, which might include a small design. Though they can be quite massive in size, they are lightweight and therefore comfortable to wear.

Many women like to wear hoop silver earrings as they integrate smoothly with casual and even business outfits.


drop earringsThey might have a tear drop shape but they are a reason to smile. Drop earrings either feature a centerpiece fixed in metal and surrounded by several tiny stones or consist of a single one. The gemstones can be opaque one that tones down the sparkle of the upper part of a shiny one that rather enhances the jewellery.


dangle earringsThey move around due to the dangling gemstone or metal design that hangs and swings. A good choice for diamonds as it gives them the chance to move around and reflect radiance. If you have the right cut, these will be simply spectacular. For more information on diamonds, check out the diamond earrings buying guide.


chandelier earringsWhen it's time to boost the glamour, these ones are perfect. Thanks to the chandelier shape that typically includes several layers of designs, they are the go-to option for fancy events. The pieces glimmer with every move so the effect is astonishing. This accessory grabs all the attention.


huggie earringsAs the name suggests, the earring hugs the earlobe and surrounds it with a beautiful metal and stone design. They look like regular hoops, but smaller, which makes them ideal for everyday use and casual outfits. Gold earrings often take the huggie form. With or without added gemstones, they are exactly what you need from a pair of earrings: class, shine and they beautify your ears nicely as well.


across-ear earringsThey look bold and intriguing as they cover a significantly bigger part of the ear than all the others. We usually see across-ear pieces in the form of silver earrings, yet the catwalks present all types of materials and different types of earrings.

Types of earring backs

Regardless of the type of earring back, it's always best if you pay attention whenever you're changing your clothes or drying your hair with a towel. Also, there are accessories like scarves that can snag them so wear earrings with a bit of care.

These are the main earring backs:


The earrings get secured by sliding the back in a butterfly shape. The push back is used for studs and lightweight dangles or small drops. One of these, a bit of extra gold and you have a classic pair of gold earrings already.


Screw earrings back

The screw back is similar to the push one, just that you have to actually screw the earring to secure it. This prevents falling and makes it the preferred back for costly earrings made of precious metals or gemstone earrings.


French earrings back

The French one is all about a wire hook. It is also known as 'fish hook'. It can be used without backings for easy handling. However, for extra safety you can introduce a plastic back at the end of the hook. This is recommended for expensive earrings or items with an emotional value.


Latch earrings back

It either has a hinged post or one that stays in place. The post goes through the ear and then gets secured.


Lever earrings back

This earring back relies on a curved metal piece and a metal latch.

Right earrings for your face shape

There are no rules set in stone so you can pick all types of earrings. However, if you are interested in fine details, you might want to go for the ones that look best for your face shape.

Oval face

Earrings for oval faceThere are no restrictions if you want to look flawless wearing jewellery if you have an oval shape of face. Don't even shy away from oval earrings. As you can go wild with jewellery, keep in mind to choose the right items and to spend your money on superior quality. A gold or silver jewellery guide will come in handy for you at any given time.

Round face

earrings for round faceIf you want to elongate your face, it is recommended to skip the studs and to go for long earrings such as drops. Geometrical designs look flattering, as well as chandeliers. Skip any rounded ones, so no hoops, huggies or button-looking ones.

Square face

earrings for square faceHuggies and hoops compliment the cheek bones and jawline. Look for feminine designs, which really focus on exquisite round elements as they soften the face structure. Avoid square gemstones and go for any other type of cut.

Heart face

earrings for heart faceWhen it comes to the heart-shaped face, you might want to counterbalance the sharper chin with wide earrings. So bigger types like drops or chandeliers create balance.

Diamond face

earrings for diamond faceAll types of earrings are ok as long as you skip the ones that have a diamond shape. Yet some are obviously so much better than others. Studs and huggies are your best friends as they help to balance the face.