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The traditional way of kneeling down is now combined with unique and sweet concepts. One of which is the dinner proposal. You will invite your partner to dinner and ask her to marry you in that kind of set up.


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This is the day you need to choose from different categories if you opt for jewellery as a surprise to your partner, family, or friends. In case you have no idea, this is your 5 top ideas.


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After doing makeup, the second thing a woman does is choosing a piece of jewellery to go with her outfit. No matter her age or what she does, earrings are a favourit accessory for many women. There are many styles one can choose from, but one of the most popular is hoop earrings.


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About Sapphire - Facts about Sapphire and Other Crucial Things You Need to Know About This Gemstone


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Most of the times, we have to let go to create space for new and better things. Whether it is letting go of that childhood dream of being a pilot or letting that old blanket to make it a rag, sometimes letting go brings relief. However, letting go items that you bought as an adult is quite challenging, and jewellery pieces are no exception.
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